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We built a platform you can trust, so your community can trust they’re getting the best fitness experience. Our simple platform is easy to use for both your team and your members, and it has comprehensive features that keep working for your studio long after you close for the day.

Easy-to-Use Design

We designed our software with members in mind—so you can trust your community is connecting with your studio with ease. Plus, you’ll get features like a single login for all locations, geo-located check-in, and enterprise level reports that keep your business running smoothly.
Optimize Class Attendance With Counts & Milestones
Drive Revenue With Bring-A-Guest Framework
Secure Reservations With Native Pick-A-Spot
Manage All Studio Locations With A Single Login
Process No-Show & Late Fees Automatically
Offer Pre-Ordering of Amenities Like Water & Bike Shoes Directly to Members
Drive Retention & Acquisition With Powerful Marketing Tools

Growth-Centric Features

Our platform was built by fitness experts who spent years in the industry—that’s why we’ve tested & validated tools that keep members coming back, and help your business grow.

Built Around Your Brand

We build it. You brand it. We’re here to help you grow your member community—and branding plays a key part. No more disconnected third-party software; with our seamless, integrated branding capabilities, your studio will be front-and-center when members tap in.

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We’re confident our platform will be a great fit for your boutique fitness studio. Reach out to set up a demo or learn more.
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