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Take control of your business, drive more revenue, and delight your clients all from one powerful, easy-to-use boutique fitness software platform.
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Software Designed for Boutique Fitness by Industry Experts

Don’t compromise to one-size-fits-all fitness software.
Mariana Tek is built specifically for Boutique Fitness Studios like yours.

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Industry-Leading Boutique Fitness Software Features

All the features you need to support your studio now and take on whatever comes your way.

Business Management

Manage your studio’s memberships, and class schedules on any device.
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Marketing & CRM

Automate your marketing so you can  save time and boost conversions.
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Customer Experience

Make members feel at home with a custom branded app and personalization options.
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Business Insights

Get all your vitals in one place so you can track performance, manage risk, and grow.
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Multi Locations

Manage all of your studio’s locations from one centralized platform.
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Team up with one of our partners  to bring your vision to life.
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Discover Why Boutique Fitness Studio Owners Love Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek's platform has a really nice, modern, polished look that represents the brand the way I want it to be portrayed. As an owner/operator, I can check in and see what's going on in real-time seeing all the transactions that are happening. In the studios, it's really cool, because it's much easier to check people in swap spots.

Cody Patrick

CEO/Founder, Sweat440
We love the ability to promote ads that direct clients to our podcast "Off the Bike". It's been a great tool for getting our clients directed to channels that we wouldn't otherwise be able to. Most people have social media, but almost all our clients have the app. This is by far one of our favorite features in the app as we can take our brand image even more to our riders/clients.

Nick Staples

CEO, Zenergy Cycling
We feel empowered and set up for success no matter how our business grows or changes. We’re all really pumped for the future of this new Health House experience with Mariana Tek.

Kelsey Silver

General Manager, Health House

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