Explore Mariana Tek APIs

Check out Mariana Tek's collection of APIs to help you power your fitness management software. These docs will provide the information you need to get started and build successfully. To receive your credentials and authenticate with our APIs, be sure to check out Getting Started. We are continuing to expand our capabilities, here's a summary of what's currently in play:

  • Admin API - Our primary API serves as the control arm for your backend and business needs. Build tools for the fitness business administration using this interface
  • Customer API - Build bespoke customer experiences with an intuitive API built from the customer perspective
  • Studio API - Purpose built endpoints to manage your studio configurations
  • MT Stripe API - Leverage Mariana Tek's Stripe Integration and build a custom checkout flow
  • Documents API - Create and manage unique waivers, documents and contracts to connect with your customers
  • Pricing API - Fine tune your pricing control and optimize your market strategy
  • Webhooks - Build efficient and responsive software based on account events

Have questions? Reach out to Integrations to determine which API best suits your development needs.

Happy Building!