Technical Review

Thank you for building with us!

Before you go live with a Mariana Tek Studio Client, you may need to submit your integration for technical review and approval.

Note: Not all apps are required for technical review, please contact Integrations if you have any questions about this.

Your integration should be completely built and fully tested in the sandbox environment before submitting for technical review.


Your app will be reviewed by the Integrations team and you will be informed at each stage of the process. Once the process is complete, you will be contacted by Integrations. If changes are required, these will need to be submitted, reviewed and approved before you go live.

Once approved, we will enable your integration on your live approved site(s), display and market your app on our platforms, and provide easy installation on customer facing sites (if applicable).


The review process allows us to ensure that your integration will provide a positive user experience, consistent with the rest of the Mariana Tek platform and services. It also enables us to check that the integration is operating in accordance with our terms of service and security standards. It’s important to note that you are bound by the terms of service independent of the results of your review.


Your account permissions will be scoped to the endpoints and use cases that were reviewed and approved. In the event that you have access to endpoints that were not approved for your use, please note that leveraging those endpoints is not permitted.


Reviews can take up to 1-3 weeks to complete. However, we'll move as quickly as possible, given our team members' relative familiarity with your product and integration, and the quality of your documentation.

How to Submit Your App for Review

Complete the Technical Review Form in thorough detail.

In your responses on the Technical Review Form, you should:

  • Include a detailed description of how the integration works, the features, the user and/or data flow and any necessary additional info
  • Include a list of API endpoints and webhooks on Mariana Tek's platform that you will be accessing
  • Provide us credentialed access to an environment where your integration can be viewed and all use cases can be demonstrated.
  • Provide a screen recording for a quick overview or walkthrough of how to use the app.
  • Include a list of studios or Mariana Tek clients you are working with or intend to work with

Submission Review Criteria

  • The technical review form submission must be clear, concise and written in English. We will not approve submissions with limited or incomplete notes
  • The app must be completely built and tested; no intermediate or incomplete versions will be approved
  • You must provide the integration Test/Sandbox Environment login credentials to allow us to fully test your features.
  • The User Interface should follow good design principles. For embedded apps and mobile 5th tab, adherence to our style guide will be required. Please contact Integrations for more details
  • The integration should function properly. All expected features should be operable and able to be demonstrated
  • Security must be maintained and no sensitive or secret data should be exposed

Frequently Asked Questions

My app was approved, am I ready to go live?

Once the app is approved you will be notified by the integration team. In order to go live you will have to complete a few steps to prepare for launch. You will provide documents to the business development team, sales and marketing team with information regarding your integration. You must provide a video walkthrough from the clients perspective.

My app/integration was rejected and I would like to understand why. What should I do?

If your submission has been rejected you will receive documentation of the issues which must be addressed for approval. If you would like more clarification, reach out to your integration manager to setup a 30 minute consultation. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and learn what you can do to receive approval.

What should I include in my technical review submission?

The overview should clearly explain exactly what your integration does, the different Mariana Tek endpoints you have used to build it and where they have been implemented. If your submission is too short or does not explain all parts of your integration, it may not be approved.

Your submission should explain which of the approved use cases your integration falls into, who will be using it, how you handle user authentication, how you use our APIs to power your integration, and how your product uses the data acquired from Mariana Tek. Include a typical user flow through the app.

What should I show in the screen recording if I need to submit one ?

Please make sure that the video/walkthrough clearly shows how your integration works, including any login experiences and the usage of every endpoint you are requesting. Since your integration will likely be in sandbox mode, you can use data from sandbox users to showcase the integration.

My company is planning to roll out our integration to multiple clients of Mariana Tek, should I submit one integration per client?

This depends on the nature of your integration. Most often, integrations require a single review and approval. Contact your Mariana Tek integration specialist when you know the full scope of your integration to confirm what will be required.

What happens if the integration is initially approved, but then falls out of good standing?

In the event your integration is launched, but then falls outside of our approved guidelines, we will discontinue your API access. To re-obtain access, you will need to reach out to your integration manager to conduct a 15 min consultation around what changed, and what the steps to take to receive access again.

If you have any questions about this process, you can email us at